Celebrate Bandra

I really love what this sweet cultural festival does to Bandra each year. I have been living around the promenade for close to two decades now and so much has changed, but it’s so good to see how the residents around Bandra work together making it one of the better suburbs to live in. And, while Carter Road sees a lot of action through the year, I think Celebrate Bandra, now in it’s 8th year, is something I look forward to. I have been lucky to beĀ invited by the fine folks at Mcubed Library (if you haven’t got your kids enrolled there, you should. Check them out – http://mcubedlibrary.com) for the past few years to conduct baking workshops with the kids as part of the festival.

This year the entire theme was understanding mathematics in everyday life and so it was at my baking class. We made two kinds of cakes – one ‘without any proportions’ and one following a recipe. Such fun!

Of course, when we baked without proportions the kids added half a cup of baking powder and half a litre of milk and the cake was an utter disaster. But, then we made these perfect vanilla cupcakes with some delicious butter cream icing following a recipe and voila! they turned out perfect driving home the point of how important measurements are when it comes to baking and how every ingredient plays its part in making a yummy cake.

i love the happy faces and the zillion questions and I look forward to more and more of these every year.