Why Homework?

It’s because I resisted it like everyone else in the beginning. I came back from school (Le Cordon Bleu) and forgot about that folder in which I had made meticulous notes and in which was a treasure house of tricks and tips of how to perfect that specific recipe. And when I diligently started doing all that was taught to me in school, at home, I realised that homework must never be ducked!

Trial and errors working on these recipes made me want to call this lovely part of my blog ‘Homework’

All the recipes here are tested and I hope they inspire you to bake and do more homework!

Homework #1 – Sables
Homework #2 – The Great Grain Muffin
Homework #3 – Apple Rosemary Buttermilk Bread
Homework #4 – Cranberries and mixed Nuts Scones
Homework #5 – Lime n Sugar Cookies
Homework #6 – Classic Financiers
Homework #7 – Fennel and Orange Mini Cakes
Homework #8 – Pear and Cinnamon Cake with Meringue
Homework #9 – Coconut, Ginger and Banana Loaf
Homework #10 – Cinnabons
Homework #11 – Black Sesame Carrot Cake