There is so much to talk about going gluten free. It’s almost sort of fashionable to say it, but for those who really suffer from gluten intolerance it’s really a big deal. I am one of those, although my intolerance is highest to whole wheat, oats and bran.

Gluten is a mixture of two proteins found in wheat, rye, barley and ingredients derived from these cereals. When the grain is milled it’s the gluten which gives the flour its elasticity.

Eating gluten, for those who suffer from Coeliac disease or are intolerant, damages the lining of the small intestines and has severe long terms effects. I have a wheat allergy not Coeliac disease, so I get by and still tuck in all the cakes and cookies without killing myself.

It’s easy to get by and still enjoy all the good stuff given the choices of gluten free flours that we now have access to. Some of the gluten free flours that bake well are buck wheat, brown rice flour, potato starch, almond meal and other nut flours, gram flour, quinoa, soya, tapioca, rice flour and my favourite polenta.

Baking without gluten can be a challenge since it provides important properties to cakes, breads and cookies; it adds texture and a lighter consistency. Good gluten free bread is possibly one of my biggest challenges yet. Thank God for xanthan gum and eggs which help add age spring in breads, help bind pastry and prevent cookies from getting too crumbly .

I decided, for my own sanity, to bake gluten free stuff and not feel deprived.

Do have a look at our menu and drop by if you ever want to know more about gluten free baking. I plan a class on that again soon.

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