I love the smiles, the giggles and the wide-eyed looks of gregarious to-be petite chefs! They teach me a lot about baking as well as life. Sometimes it’s such a lovely reminder of one of the most important things to us adults, which is ‘Play Time’. They come, they listen, they question and they touch and feel and eat and laugh out loud. For me, it’s fulfilling to be able to bring out the laughter and teach them a skill that will always stay with them.

You are never too small and never too old to learn at our studio.

We almost always have kids’ classes that coincide with the festive/holiday/summer season – unless I get the urge to run away from the city somewhere myself! Look out for our calendar of events for kids.


Private Baking Classes

Long weekend coming up and don’t know what to do with the kids? Get them to spend their time meaningfully learning to bake. Call us and we will create special baking/cooking classes for them. All we need is a bunch of minimum 6 friends (max 10) to come together for an exciting ‘made to order’ class for your kids.

Duration – 2.5 hrs
Menu – Made to order (3-4 fun recipes)
Take away goodie bags
Printed Recipes
Cost per Kid – Rs 1,500

Bake A Birthday Party

We also love to party here. The studio has enough space to host a ‘bake a birthday party’. Here’s what we offer:

– We host party for minimum 10 – maximum 15 kids.
– The Studio will be made to look Birthday bash ready with balloons, ribbons etc. We will bake and eat all that we bake.
– All the recipes will be made fresh and the kids will eat absolutely healthy /fresh /warm bakes.

We can structure the flow as per your need, here’s an example:

– Demonstration Class where I will teach them 3 recipes:

1. Let’s Bake A Pie- The tart rings will be pre-baked and ready. The kids will add the stuffing to that – roasted vegetables and mozzarella cheese bakes.
2. Cup Cakes- We will bake and make the cup cakes from scratch. Once the cup cakes are baked and cooled we will get the kids to do various toppings.
3. Cookies- We will learn to bake 2 kinds of cookies which will become a take away – 4 cookies in seal king bags wrapped with a colourful ribbon; you can add a tag with a message if you.

– Drinks – Paperboat / Frooty/Minute Maid – We recommend Paperboat as its seems to be a favourite with the kids .

– Cake Cutting

Call us on +91 98202 67003 to pre-book or email us on eighth.anurita@gmail.com

Our Kiddie Favourites