Why Eighth? I’ll come to that in a moment.


I am Anurita Ghoshal. I quit my job as an advertising professional a few years ago to find a balance and do something that would keep me alive and kicking. I loved the kitchen then as I love it now…with some music and some wine or coffee depending on the time of day; it really is my happy space.

I would bake and cook randomly for friends and family; the responses to my bakes made me think about taking up baking rather seriously. Things fell into place and I was off to Paris – to Le Cordon Bleu – where I fell in love with the city, the school, the patisseries, the gardens, the museums…oh! I fell in love with life itself. I had just averted my mid-life crisis!

Why Eighth?

That last course of a meal has always been the cause of my undoing. Wise and balanced all day, I would succumb miserably at the sight of a piece of chocolat. I would catch myself at the beginning of most dinners fantasising about desserts.

I knew it was sinful, worse than any vice I know. My absolute lack of self-control horrified me. Then one day I met someone who said to me, “Offer your body something so pleasurable that the soul feels like living in it.”

The penny dropped. Epiphany time!

And it was suddenly clear to me that the way out of my guilt trip was to channelize it into something positive; to create pleasures beyond the ambit of seven cardinal sins.

It is only human to succumb to temptations. And after analysing my ‘dessert time capitulations’ I realised that what I was indulging in was a combination of the old sins that actually made up a whole new sin.

The Eighth sin, if I may – part lust, part greed and part gluttony.

It seemed like a worthy reason to risk damnation for.

So I travelled half way across the world and learnt at the feet of the most perverted masters of decadence – the French – at Le Cordon Bleu Paris; came back and started Eighth – after a lifetime of longing for all things good.

Eighth is my happy space. It’s my studio where I bake, I teach baking, invite bakers like me to teach and mostly do things that make us happy!

Checkout our menu and delivery details here. You can write to us at eighth.anurita@gmail.com and also find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.